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For the first time Blockchain technology used to calculate election results

In what could be termed as a historic event It was announced a couple of days back by the CEO of Agora, Leonardo Gammar that the African nation of Sierra Leone has employed Blockchain technology in tallying its presidential elections. In a move rumoured to be the first time ever where blockchain has been used for tallying votes.

Even The COO of Agora, Jason Lukasiewicz stated on Cointelegraph that first time in history a Blockchain has been used in any government election, ever.”

Agora is the Swiss-based Blockchain voting technology company which was implemented for tallying Sierra Leone’s presidential election results on March 7th.

Also, today writing to Cointelegraph Gammarrevealed that he and his team “haven’t slept for 2 days.” While also going on to publish a message on Agora’s Telegram group earlier in the day which gave information of the Agora teams whereabouts stating that the team are currently situated in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital, while also adding that the team are helping with the countries presidential elections by setting up their Blockchain node operators in auditing the election results. As per Mr.Gammar, he stated that the Agora team are “engaged in Sierra Leone’s presidential elections,”

Gammar also mentioned in the Telegram group chat that through the entire election process, Agora tied up with the European Commission, and provided assistance to the Blockchain node operators who came from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, the University of Fribourg and the Red Cross

Since the of the country’s civil war ended in 2002, this has been the fourth presidential election for the African country. This election saw a total of 16 candidates going at it which most probably will push for the second round of voting as it wouldn’t be possible to elect a single candidate to win with the required 55 percent of the vote.

Jason Lukasiewicz also gave out a statement expressing satisfaction as he revealed that the Sierra Leone election successfully implemented Agora’s Blockchain voting and they have “ tallied the votes days before the official commission.”

Lukasiewicz also revealed onCointelegraph about how this mutual agreement between Agora and Sierra Leone for using Agora’s Blockchain voting technology was formed. He stated that the Sierra Leone government were keen on utilizing the Blockchain in a bid to “increase the transparency of their elections.” As per Lukasiewicz, he claims that Agora presents the “only fully-transparent and unforgeable voting system to ever exist till date .”

The outcome of the election yesterday highlighted a few of the issues that people in general and the administration have had concerning the authenticity of the conducted election in Sierra Leone.

the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) also claimed that after the elections were closed a few government authorities went to their workplaces, prompting brutal challenges that brought about one individual being cut and the mob police being called.

The SLPP Candidate, Julius Maada Bio, said a while later that he was utilizing telephones and workstations to check the consequences of the tallying:“I have established a tallying center in my office which by any means is not against the law of this country. This is a totally legal affair.”

While the Blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies has arguably proved to be quite the confidence booster in the legitimacy of elections. It is also noteworthy to see that cryptocurrencies have also proven to tremendously help the African citizens by providing them a way for freedom from financial repression.…